Communities That Care (CTC)

[Communities That Care (CTC)]

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Program Content:

Communities That Care is an ongoing process. When communities follow the phases below, their young people flourish.
  1. Get Started
    Communities get ready to introduce CTC by activating a small group of catalysts and identifying key community leaders to champion the process.

  2. Get Organized
    Communities form a board or work within an existing coalition to orgaznize workgroups and develop a vision statement and timeline.

  3. Develop a Community Profile
    Using data, communities assess community risks and strengths- and identify existing resources.

  4. Create a Community Action Plan
    The community board creates a plan for prevention work in their community.

  5. Implement and Evaluate
    The community implements and monitors selected programs and policies and measures results and progress over time.

Guiding Principles
  • Locally owned and operated. A local collaborative makes decisions from local data to address priority needs.
  • Data driven and outcome-focused. Community-specific data are used to set goals, measure progress, and adjust as needed.
  • Addresses the underlying causes (risk and protective factors) of youth health and behavior problems.
  • Uses proven programs matched to local priorities selected from local data.
  • Cost effective, returning $5.30 for each dollar invested.

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