Blair Brooke-Weiss
CTC Specialist
Phone: 206-543-5709

SDRG Publications
SDRG 439 (P) 19pp
Fagan, Abigail A., Brooke-Weiss, Blair L., Cady, Rick, Hawkins, J. David (2009). If at first you don't succeed…keep trying: Strategies to enhance coalition/school partnerships to implement school-based prevention programming. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 42(3), 387-405.

SDRG 432 (P) 4pp
Brooke-Weiss, Blair L., Haggerty, Kevin P., Fagan, Abigail A., Hawkins, J. David, Cady, Rick (2008). Creating community change to improve youth development: The Communities That Care (CTC) system. The Prevention Researcher, 15(2), 21-24.

SDRG 396 (P) 20pp
Quinby, Rose K., Fagan, Abigail A., Hanson, Koren, Brooke-Weiss, Blair L. (2008). Installing the Communities That Care prevention system: Implementation progress and fidelity in a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Community Psychology, 36(3), 313-332.

SDRG 293 (P) 15pp
Arthur, Michael W., Briney, John S., Hawkins, J. David, Abbott, Robert D., Brooke-Weiss, Blair L., Catalano, Richard F. (2007). Measuring risk and protection in communities using the Communities That Care Youth Survey. Evaluation and Program Planning, 30(2), 197-211.

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